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Challenge yourself to these tongue-twisters!!




Guerra tenía una parra
y Parra tenía una perra.
La perra de Parra
mordió a la parra de Guerra.



Erre con erre guitarra.
Erre con erre barril.
Rápido ruedan las ruedas
del ferrocarril.



Una niña ñoña
hacía muchas ñoñerías,
porque la niña añoraba
los moños del otro día.








PAKA PAKA is a brilliant resource for children by Argentina’s Department for Education. It has games, videos, music, stories and much much more. This “trabalenguas” belongs to them. They made a video that was shared in youtube. Click on the youtube link to watch it. Let’s see if you can do better than the children in the video!
I do not own copyright on this file. This file is copyrighted to Paka Paka.
If you want to watch more Paka Paka videos, visit their website at www.pakapaka.gov.ar