Course Terms & Conditions

Registration and Payment

1.To register in a Coyotes ELE course, you must first contact us via email, complete an online registration form and accept these Terms and Conditions.
2. All fees in relation to the full term should be paid prior to the start of each term, within fifteen days from receipt of your invoice.
3. There are six terms per academic year, which vary in length between five and seven weeks each; i.e. there will be between five and seven lessons a term. The number of lessons per term will be specified in your invoice.
4. Lessons cost £8.50 each, and are invoiced termly at the beginning of each term. All fees are subject to revision from time to time, reasonable notice being given in respect of any such revision.


5. Should you decide to withdraw your child from classes, you must inform Coyotes ELE in writing (via email), as soon as possible, giving at least two weeks’ notice before the beginning of the new term.
6. No refund will be given for missed classes in a term, except when due to long illness and supported by a doctor’s note. Please contact Coyotes ELE as soon as possible in such a case.

Privacy and Data Protection

7. The information stored about you by Coyotes ELE is in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). a) We will only collect from you information that we need; b) we will keep it secure and confidential; c) we will ensure that it is relevant and up to date; d) we will only hold the information we need for as long as your child/children attend Coyotes’ lessons; e) you can see the information we hold about you on request; f) all personal information provided by you will be held on our database confidentially; g) we will not pass such information to third parties; h) we will contact you via email after each lesson with information about what we covered in the lesson and homework, occasionally with relevant information about our own events; very occasionally with other information that we deem important for the teaching/learning of Spanish; i) we will contact you via phone if there is a sudden cancellation or change in the lessons, or if needed when your children are under our care.

Promotional materials

8. We might take photographs or videos during lessons to use for promotional purposes. We try to avoid showing children’s faces and children are never named in these materials. You must inform us in writing before the course starts if you do not allow us to use such images.

Courses and Lessons

9. Coyotes ELE lessons are held at South Oxford Community Centre on Lake Street, Oxford, on Saturdays during school term time. All children and parents must take care of the premises and respect the rules of the Centre.
10. Lessons last one hour each and there is one lesson a week.
11. To ensure the quality of learning is the best, courses have a maximum size of 12.
12. The ages of children admitted to Coyotes ELE courses are 4-12.
13. Children will be given a small amount of homework each week. In order to make the most of the course, it is essential that parents/carers encourage their children to do their homework, and help them when necessary.
14. Coyotes ELE is only responsible for children within the classroom during scheduled class hours, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected on time. You must contact Coyotes ELE by phone immediately if you are late.
15. Should your child suffer from a medical condition requiring special care please inform us in writing when you register.
16. We provide some snacks, biscuits, fruit and water during lessons. Please make sure you state on the booking form online whether your child suffers from any food or drink allergies, e.g. nuts, milk, etc., giving full details.


17. Part of successful language learning is regular attendance and frequent practice. Please make sure your child attends as many lessons as possible, and let us know via email if you know he/she will miss a lesson.


18. All teachers are fully qualified and DBS checked.

Discipline and behaviour

19. Children are expected to be polite and well behaved in class, and respect their teachers and classmates. If a child is particularly disruptive, we will contact their parent/carer. If the behaviour does not improve, and after all other avenues of help & support have been given, we reserve the right to request that the child is withdrawn from the class. No fees will be refunded in such case.

Offers and Discounts

20. Coyotes ELE offers a 15% discount on course fees for siblings of a child already attending one of our courses, or when you register two siblings at the same time. The discount will show on your invoice.