People behind it

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The author

Dr M. Florencia Nelli is the creator of Coyotes ELE, and also the illustrator, course developer and course deliverer. She graduated with a BA in Spanish Language and Literature from Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. She did a second degree in Classical Languages and Literature (Ancient Greek and Latin) and a Graduate Course in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the same university, and then a Master and a Doctorate Degree at Oxford University. She taught ancient Greek and Latin Language and Literature for several years at two Universities in La Plata, Argentina, and Spanish for children at a Primary School and as a private tutor before moving to Oxford in 2004. Since then she has been teaching Spanish for Business for several companies in Oxford and also privately, teaching children and preparing students for GCSE and A level Spanish. Florencia is also the Director and Language Projects Coordinator of the Communicate Project CIC.

The performer and storyteller

Samuel Molina graduated as a Special Education Needs Teacher in La Plata, Argentina, and worked as a SEN teacher in Argentina for many years. He worked at various SEN Schools and Centres specialized in social and occupational integration of children, young people and adults with Special Educational Needs, focusing particularly on language development and integrating drama as a teaching technique. He trained and worked as an actor at Taller de Teatro de la UNLP, Argentina, and worked as an assistant director, theatre director and props master. He performed both in Argentina and abroad.

The designer and animator (23.08.1978-2.08.2018)

Cecilia Nelli unexpectedly passed away on 2.08.2018. She was living and working in Milan, Italy. Her passion for drawing, painting and the arts in general started when she was a toddler. She graduated from INSA, Instituto Nacional Superior de Artes, General Roca, Argentina, in 2002 with a specialization in Engraving and Painting. She taught Arts at Primary and Secondary schools in Villa Regina, Argentina, and at IFDC, Instituto de Formación Docente Continua, a College for Students reading for Teacher Degrees and Continuing Teacher Education. In 2009 she won a scholarship to engage in a Graduate Course in Painting and Visual Arts at NABA- Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, where she was working on Video Art, photography, painting, sculpture, engraving, animation, analysis and design of audio spaces and public art. She was also working at “Fondazione Piero Manzoni”.

She will be sorely missed. To see some of Cecilia’s amazing work click here, or here.

The voices

A big thanks go to the children who helped out by being the voices and performers of most audio and video files in the course.