The Coyotes Course


The aim of Coyotes ELE (Español Lengua Extranjera) courses is to help children learn Spanish in a fun easy way, instilling in them a long lasting love for languages. The method tries to recreate the manner in which native speakers acquire their own language, making use of storytelling, songs, videos and games. It aims at providing children with as much exposure to the language as possible. Moreover, the lessons use recordings of Spanish speakers from various Spanish backgrounds, introducing children to different registers and accents.

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Through stories, songs, rhymes, music, games and other speaking activities, children acquire the sounds of Spanish and grasp Spanish pronunciation and intonation, probably the most difficult skill to master by a non-native speaker, while learning to use Spanish in different everyday communicative situations.
The use of visual aids in the form of drawings, animations, pictures and video recordings makes the lessons more dynamic and appealing to the children, and helps them remember words and phrases more easily.




Thanks to the aid of reading and writing children are able to learn more vocabulary, and it is possible to introduce them to more complex everyday communicative situations in the target language, while trying to keep the pronunciation and intonation they acquired as close to a native speaker’s as possible.




The course endeavours to help children improve their interactions in the target language and use it to communicate effectively. Throughout the course, children are introduced to more complex written and oral language and to more challenging everyday communicative situations.