End of Year Event 2016

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Coyotes’ Spanish fete-End of Year Event 2016! On Sunday 26th June 2016 “Coyotes ELE, Spanish lessons for children” hosted another fantastic Spanish fete at South Oxford Community Centre. With Mexican decorations hanging from the walls and ceiling, lots of stalls where the attendees could play some games in Spanish, delicious Spanish and Latin American food and even a demonstration and tasting of Mexican hot chocolate, we couldn’t have asked for more. There was also a Spanish-speaking-robot! Children attending Coyotes’ lessons designed and decorated many of the games and run some of the stalls as well. A huge “Gracias” to all the children, their parents, friends and family for coming along, playing the games, bringing food and drinks and helping out during the day. It was a brilliant day, and we are already looking forward to our Spanish fete 2017! Have a look at some photos above and visit our Facebook page for more.


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